This Active Bystander training session is students opportunity to get involved, get trained, and play a role in changing campus cultures of sexual violence, including those right here in our own community.


Join us for a free, highly-interactive two-hour session which uses a community responsibility approach to teach bystanders how to safely intervene in instances where an incident may be occuring or where there may be a risk. Through a curriculum developed and evaluated by researchers and teachers*, you will learn a robust and evidence-based set of skills for analysing moments and tools for intervention including how-to:


-IDENTIFY behaviors on a continuum of violence

-DEVELOP empathy for those who have experienced violence

-PRACTICE safe and appropriate intervention skills

-COMMIT to intervene before, during and after an incident of sexual violence, harassment, abuse, or misconduct may occur


This certification can be recorded on your resume/CVs for employment applications, and utilised throughout your university and professional contexts for many years.


*Curriculum developed by the University of New Hampshire’s “Bringing in the Bystander” training program.


Read more about being an active bystander on our support pages


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